Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Weight, NO MORE!

Hello everyone,

I hope you've all had a great weekend!

I went back to Weight Watchers this evening after over indulging far too much over Christmas. It's back to reality, I knew when I got back on those scales I would have put on weight. But I am okay with that I'm in the right frame of mind to get back on the dieting band wagon! When I started Weight Watchers, I lost a stone within nine weeks! I felt amazing people complimented me on my weight lose all the time! 

For the new year Weight Watchers have brought out a new campaign called "Simple Start" which basically strips back to basics letting you eat all filling and healthy foods. Normally when doing Weight Watchers you have to weigh all foods and work out their pro point value. When I started the plan going on my height and weight I was allowed to eat 28 pro points per day! I'm really ready to try this new plan letting you eat pasta, potatoes, chicken without weighing and eating until you're full up.

Tips I want to share with you all has helped me along the way!

• Eat your dinner on a smaller plate it make seem like you have more on your plate.

• If you're ever getting stuck on working out the pro point value. Divide the calories by 40 and then round to the nearest whole number. A point roughly works out to be 40 calories!

• Weigh out your cereal and put into sandwich bags per 30grams, then pop back into the box! Saves time in the morning when you're in a rush!

If you're thinking about starting Weight Watchers and want to ask any questions please feel free to ask! 

Love Chailey x

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