Sunday, 4 January 2015

Bon Voyage!

So I guess I should really explain how Sam and I landed oursleves in Australia. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts Sam and I planned to go travelling. We jetted off on a trip of a life time at the beginning of November 2014. 

Saying goodbye to family for eighteent months was a very difficult time for both of us and something I personally had been dreading for a long time since planning our travels. I thought I would be an emotional embarrassment to everyone at the airport. I won't deny it was hard and we all shed a few tears but I coped a lot better than I thought I would. After our sad goodbyes Sam and I took eachothers hands, this was it. The start of our 18 month honeymoon together. I gave our beloved family one last wave, blew them a kiss and we walked through to the departure lounge. 


Our first destination was the land of smiles, Thailand! It had been some where both Sam and I had on our list to visit for a while. We were intrigued by the culture and couldn't wait to learn more. We had been recommended a tour for the first week which was called ThaIntro. In a nutshell it gave you an introduction to the country with some amazing trips packed into it. For one fee of £400, it included accommodation for a week, trips, transportation and also some very delicious meals. Not to mention meeting some fabulous people along the way! 

The first couple of days were spent in the crazy busy city of Bangkok. Weaving our way through the tuk tuks and market stalls we visited some exquisite temples and went on a river boat cruise where we met the most similiest little Thai lady we ever came across. She had a boat full of goodies to buy, so I treated myself to a fan, which I still use now. We also went to a Thai cooking class where we were taught to make some great tasting Thai dishes. Masaman and Pad Thai were my favourite to cook, and eat!!


After Bangkok we headed down south where we spent a night in Khao Sok national park. We were privileged enough to stay in floating bungalows for the evening, I felt like a celebrity! The views were phenomenal it was untouched paradise. Something I will remember for a very long time. It's not often you get to walk out of your bedroom and be welcomed by a view like that.


Our next stop on our journey with ThaIntro was the island most famous for its full moon parties, Koh Phangan. Home to the beautiful Sarana Bungalows, this is where the lucky ThaIntro leaders get to call home! Again, the accommodation was terrific somewhere I'd recommend to anyone wanting to stay in Koh Phangan. This was the last leg of our journey and personally my favourite. I got to eat my own weight in Pad Thai, experience a traditional Thai massage for the first time AND ride an elephant! This is still my most treasured memory since travelling.

I can honestly say this was one of the best week of our lives, how cliche and cheesy I hear you say. Get yourself booked up and then tell me differently? Everyone I have spoken to all have such remarkable views, I have not stopped recommending it since we left! That's all for today, I'll tell you about the rest of our travels in Thailand another day!

Love Chailey xxx

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