Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Whimsical Whitsunday's

The Whitsundays is a cluster of islands situated on the Great Barrier Reef, it attracts thousands of tourists all year round and for two nights we were two of them. We were introduced to our new home for the next two nights, she was named The Broomstick. Our crew were fantastic and hugely accommodating throughout the whole trip. We shared the yacht with a group of 16 of us. We were lucky to have a great group on board who all easily got on and made the trip such great time! We spent our days sailing from beach to beach snorkelling at different parts of the reef. I was lucky enough to see a manta ray swim right underneath me.

The Broomstick, I'm sure this boat was made for my Mum!

Each night we would be fed a banquet of delicious food by our fab crew, then would watch the sun set sipping cans of cider. We laid out on the top deck both nights gazing at the stars above us. This was one on my most memorable parts of the trip just laying back looking up at the glitter filled sky. We was even luckily enough to have a great view of the milky way and saw several shooting stars! This was my first time seeing a shooting star so will always be a highlight for me.

Us enjoying the sunset.

White Haven beach is a popular destination to visit whilst sailing the Whitsundays, most famous for its 98% pure silica sand beach. It was just like a picture from a postcard, the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever seen. Crystal clear turquoise water with the silkiest grains of white sand for seven kilometres. The sand actually squeaked beneath you as you walked along. The water was so lovely and warm, I wanted to stay and swim all day. We even got to play with little soldier crabs, who dug themselves into their little houses by drilling themselves sideways into the sand.


                                                                  Summer lovin'

Our awesome group!

A solider crab, cute eh?

Sam treated me to my third scuba dive of my trip whilst we were out on the yacht. I was still just amazed at how beautiful the underworld was, it was by far my best dive. It was so colourful and filled with so many different types of marine life. We was lucky enough to swim in-between some tight spots of the coral, being ever so careful not to touch anything. The hour under water went far to fast, I could have spent so much longer watching over all the schools of fish going about their daily lives. It so peaceful and tranquil, I should have been born a mermaid. Its on my bucket list to get my open water divers certificate as I am eager to dive all over the world. 

After our amazing two nights aboard it was time to depart from our lovely crew and group, it was a quick goodbye before we where whisked off into an aeroplane and was taken on a scenic flight above the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef. This has been also one of my highlights from our time in Australia, the sights where just breathtaking. We nearly didn’t take any photos as our camera had ran out of battery whilst being on the yacht, but the lovely Abi came to our rescue and kindly lent us her fancy pants camera. You need next to no photography skills when the scenery in front of you is so picturesque. But I do have to give the camera some credit too! I look back on the photos and just cannot believe I actually took them. There are like the photos that come with a new phone that you can set at your background before taking your own photos. 

                                                                Me and the lovely Abi.

About to board our scenic flight!

I am ready to go, so damn excited.

The famous Whitehaven beach from the sky.

Simply stunning.

Heart reef! 

Our whole time spent on the Whitsundays was utter paradise, I mean who could be happier when you’re being treated like royalty being sailed around one of the seven natural wonders of the world?

Love Chailey x



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