Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Ready, Steady, Cook! some Char Kwey Teow

We were lucky enough to explore part of Malaysia on our travels before arriving in Australia. Our good friends Colin and Stacie have been living out there for the past two years and invited us to come and stay with them. We took them up on their offer and the thought of squeezing in another country to our long list excited us! 

Those two weeks were so much fun, the journey over there was on the the smallest ricketiest aeroplane we had ever seen. I can honestly say I pushed new boundaries I would have never back home! So thanks guys, for treating us to new experiences. Snake Temple being one of's a few highlights from our weeks in Penang!

So Col and Stace told us they had lots of cool activities lined up for us whilst we were staying with them. We couldn't wait to explore and see the place they had told us so much about. The temples in Malaysia were beautiful, such beautiful artwork and detail unique to each one. Snake temple was an experience shall we say. Whilst Sam and Col were getting a 8ft Python slapped round their neck I was cowering around the corner meant to be catching it all on video! The little tiny venomous snakes hanging from the ceiling were freaking me out let alone the one which had just eaten a whole chicken! I came out of there not quite believing what I had just done, checking behind me incase one had followed us into the car. 

Monkey beach was another favourite day of mine. Trekking through the jungle for an hour and a half bare foot. I felt like Bear Grylls! The views on the beach at the end of the walk were so rewarding, and so was the chicken and rice we had for lunch in a shack on the beach. Sam conquered Giles Rock that day; after lunch he went for a swim and we watched from the shore whilst he tried to climb up this rock in the middle of the ocean. After finally clambering up he sat there for a while looking out to the horizon, I can only guess getting lost in his own thoughts.
A monkey in a tree on the way to monkey beach.

The boys romantically sharing a coconut.

The four of us were booked to stay in a tree house for the night in Cameron Highlands called Terra Treehouse. It was new to Colin and Stacie so it was fun for us all to go on an adventure none of us knew about. The owners of the Terra Treehouses ran an organic farm alongside renting out the treehouses as accommodation. We nearly didn't even make it to the treehouses as the car almost ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere. It was beginning to set the scene for a very cringey horror film especially as we were taken up the mountain in an ancient rickety old jeep. Which felt like we were on a roller coaster it was so bouncy throwing us all over the place.

After dumping our bags down in the tree house which by the way was truly amazing, a child's dream tree house. So rural so far away from the busy hustle and bustle life we are all used to. The rainforest was silent except for the insects songs leading us through the forest up to the communal area where we were greeted with organic homemade tea and briefed about the origins of Terra Treehouses. The views of the valleys and with the mist rolling over the mountains were so peaceful and spectacular I can still picture it now. No camera lense could capture that beauty, is was time to put technology to one side and appreciate nature for what it was. That view will be a sight I treasure for the rest of my life and remember when I am old and grey. 

The boys chilling on the hammocks.

We spent our evening having an organic dinner which was grown in the surrounding farms. We then headed back to the treehouse to make the most of the few hours left of electricity. We played card games and spent most the night listening to the boys reminisce. Just as we were settling down for bed a thunder storm crept upon us. The rain acted as our lullaby for the evening and we were enveloped in the centre of the jungle. We couldn't be anymore at one with nature. 

We had such fun in Malaysia with our hosts. Some other highlights of our trip included seeing Ainsley Harriott of all people in a Hawker Centre, which is like a big open eating area with lots of food vendors. The Batu Ferringhi markets, towers of Ashai beer, dead dog beach, Buddist statues, mild food poisoning, jungle treks, card games, horror nights, interactive crime scene investigations, getting "good day today" stuck in our heads, being honked at and gawped at by Middle Eastern men, inside jokes, 'poo cakes', holiday blend double shot espressos, recreating wedding speeches, participating in Buddist traditions, serial killer documentaries, realising we look like the cast of Skins, Colin catching Sam falling down a hill on camera...the list really could go on. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends. Thanks again to Colin and Stacie!

Malaysia is such a beautiful country, I loved learning so much about their culture let alone trying their cuisine. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone traveling in Asia. I would love to go back and explore more, I need to be getting myself some more Char Kway Teow! 

That's all for today, have a good week!

Love Chailey xxx

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