Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Wedsite

I'd been toying with the idea of making a wedding website for a long time. I had seen a lot of couples had started doing them. If I'm honest I couldn't resist a little peak at what they had all been my including on their sites. We had already planned to send out invitations with all the information needed for the day including maps and menu options. I still kept thinking about the smaller details I couldn't include in my invite and how I would be able to tell my guests.

I kept telling myself you are only getting married once and if you want a wedsite nows the time to do it! So I set aside a whole day to get to get to grips with all the editing and typing! Boy did I need it! I used a site called I really liked being able to create the whole site whilst in edit mode. I didn't make the the site live until I was happy with all the details. I can still now edit the site whilst live which is wonderful. Closer to the big day I'll be sure to add more exciting stuff! There was lots of different options of templates to use to really make it personal to you and your fiancé. I chose a free template so after putting in the days work of filling all the blanks and uploaded pictures I felt I had really got a good deal. I did consider paying £30 for a premium upgrade but as we are trying to keep costs down I thought it would be unwise! I could be putting that extra £30 towards decorations, something the guests will see and appreciate. 

There is so many great features when editing the site. Gettingmarried had already got things completely covered. Even with the information in the invites there was still bits of information I could include on the site that maybe our guests hadn't known before! I also added in why we decided on the church and venue we had chosen, along with introductions of the wedding party! There is also things such as interactive polls you can include, along with an FAQ page for your guests. I also added taxi numbers to help out of town guests.

There are pages including how we both met and I tearfully included how Samuel had proposed to me! I really liked the page of where to stay. All I had to do was type the postcode of the venue and the church and the site came back with all the local hotels I could use to include in my site. It was a case of ticking the hotels I'd like to recommend to my guests then they appeared on the site!

If you are a bride that is still undecided on  weather to make a wedsite I'd say go for it. was such a great simple and easy site to use you haven't even got to be a technology whizz. I included a little slip in our invites explaining if they wanted more information about our big day to please visit our wedding website! I have seen some couples just added the URL to the bottom of the save the dates and wondering why no one was visiting. I had read online you need to explain what it's there for aswell as telling your guests where to go visit. We have had really great feedback since the site when live on Tuesday. We have already have 100 views! 
If you'd like to view our wedsite you are more than welcome to. Our URL is I even liked you was able to edit what you wanted your URL to be. It's those little touches I really feel gettingmarried excelled theirselves in!

Chailey xx

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