Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Goodbye Sydney!

In the build up to our last week in Sydney we began saying many farewells to all the wonderful people who made such an impact on our time in Sydney. I had been procrastinating with packing, not actually believing that we were finally going. It had felt like such a far off goal of ours, I never believed it would be here on our doorstep. 

We left the life we built in Sydney over six months and headed on the road to adventure!

Our weekend of goodbyes started on Thursday evening when we headed over to a good pal of ours called Shaun, who we met through OzIntro. He's been a gem, and helped us so much with all our onward travel plans. We spent the evening watching Train Wreck and eating keivs, chips and beans! YUM! 

Shaun, Sam and I

Friday evening the boys at work had organised a leaving bbq for Sam. So whilst Sam was out enjoying his last night with his colleges, I had a girly night in with my flat mate Sarah. She taught me lots of new makeup tricks and we chatted over a couple of glasses of wine. We even made home made avocado face masks! It was so lovely having some girl time, being able to relax and natter about trivial things. Over the six weeks since our new flatmates Sarah and Latham moved in we instantly hit it off, often cooking family dinners and playing heaps of card games. Larah and Cham became a little family in such a short space of time. We're going to miss them dearly.

Sarah and I with out avo face masks on

Sam with his designer trasport boys

Scott and Damo, our old flatmates from Zetland, came round ours on Saturday evening. We had planned to go out in Newtown but ended up ordering pizza and having a few drinks at home. It was great seeing them before leaving, reminiscing over the days when we all lived together.

The most civilised photo of the four of us

Sam and his wandering hand

Oh Scott, haha

Amongst all of the goodbye's there was a new hello.
My good friend Denisa welcomed a healthy little boy called Marcus to the world. Much to my excitement he arrived a day early so I managed to get lots of cuddles and newborn baby sniffs in before I left. I spent hours gazing at him and becoming super broody, cooing at his every movement. Denisa & Anthony sure made one good looking baby! I wish them all the luck in the future, and many happy years ahead with Marcus James Pavel. 

Denisa, Marcus and I 

The proud parents 

I couldn't stop staring at him, he's so beautiful.

On Sunday we planned to spend the evening with my work colleges, dinner was booked for 6:30 at a place called the House of Crabs. Great name ay? Dining with two chefs, we decided it would be best for them to choose what dinner to share. All the seafood came in big plastic bags and we were encouraged to tip them out on the table and eat with our hands. So much fun and mess, it felt like being a child and being able to get away with something naughty. We then headed out for a few drinks and ended up in some weird hipster bar with taxidermy animals hanging from the walls. Of course, we participated in an animal selfie. 

The Knuckles gang at the house of crabs 

Moose selfie

On Monday morning we headed to Knuckles to get a BIG feed after Sunday nights antics. Then we spent the afternoon slowing packing everything away back into 2 rucksacks. It amazed me how much stuff we had accumulated over the months. Being ruthless, we threw lots away and sent some more bits back home.

Me and Jflo

Me and Miss Selly Selly

Flo, me, Di and Damo

Tuesday morning brought us our last morning in Sydney. Waking up at the crack of dawn we rallied together those last few toiletries and loose ends, before saying goodbye to our wonderful house mates Sarah and Latham. Cairns bound we were ready to start our next journey. 

Last family snap of Lara and Cham

All our bags ready to go

Hopefully it will not be goodbye to all the friends we have met out here. We may never know when our paths may cross again. Like my leaving card said: let's not say goodbye, let's say see you later. I much prefer that to saying goodbye, after all who wants to say goodbye to new friends?

Love Chailey xxx